June 18, 2019


First let me say, if you haven't eaten at Yoshinoya in Japan, and your only experience is Yoshinoya is the US, you're not going to understand the context of this situation enough to be impressed or perhaps even interested. The differences between Yoshinoya US and Yoshinoya Japan are so vast and obvious that I'm surprised they would even call the US chain by the same name as the Japanese chain. The US restaurants are so bad that, in my opinion, they should be sued by the Japanese restaurants for defamation and trademark infringement.

Recently, Yoshinoya Japan introduced a new healthier beef bowl(or beef salad as they officially call it) called the Rise Up ("Rizap" in terribly translated Japanese English). I've considered ordering one, but today I became glad that I haven't.

I entered the shop and went up to the take-out counter as I've done countless times. The very kind staff asked if I wanted my regular. I said I did, and the 2-3 minute wait began (They're insanely fast). While I was waiting, the customer who had ordered the Rise Up meal before me received his order and was preparing to pay. The top of the container for the Rise Up is clear plastic whereas the normal beef bowls are styrofoam. This enabled him to see his meal before paying, and he clearly and understandably was not happy with the order.

Imagine the difference between the picture of a burger at Burger King, and the actual burger you end up getting. Take that feeling, multiply it a few times, and that's what had happened to this guy's meal. The picture showed a delicious full bowl of cabbage, beef, broccoli, chickpeas, and some chicken chunks with a nice half boiled egg floating on top. What he got was a bowl shaped crater of a small amount of beef and the smallest, possibly freezer burned broccoli you've ever seen. I didn't crane my neck to peer into his bowl to see the rest, but from where I was standing, he did not get what he was promised. He complained about it a couple of times and the staff apologized and took it back to the kitchen to be remade. The pictures of how it should look are taped to the counter top at the registers, so as the homely bowl sat next to the image of what should have been but probably never has, the staff clearly felt embarassed.

I don't mean to speak ill of the staff. They don't make the decisions, they only make the food as they're instructed. This problem clearly originated in the boardroom and supply chain. By my reckoning, the staff responded appropriately. Yoshinoya on the otherhand, should feel embarrassed by posting such misleading pictures and delivering such sub-par food. /rant

June 13, 2019

I think I want to be a cyborg.

That being said, I cannot justify removing a perfectly good body part only to have it replaced by a robotic part that is inferior to my natural part. Since all of our current robotic parts are inferior[1], that leaves me with adding to my body rather than replacing anything.

I've seen some of the things that get added: north sense, magnetic sense, LEDs, etc.[2], but I'm not really into peircings beyond the ears. So any upgrade would have to be ear mounted, temporary (like a necklace or something strapped on), or implanted. Implantation is also rather undesirable due to a lack of materials that can persist in the body without rejection. I'd have to build everything out of titanium or encapsulate it in bioglass. Titanium is ok except that it's a little hard to work with and perhaps not so useful with electronics. I'm not careful enough to live with implanted glass, I think. I'm sure I'd smash my hand while working on something, the capsule would break, and I'd have a bleeding mass in my hand. Ugh. What a hassle. Maybe I don't want to be a cyborg. Maybe I do, but not badly enough. I'll have to think about this some more.

A quick google search later, we find a partially working wordpress site[3] discussing open source plans and kits for north sense and a few other interesting projects. The idea of making north sense into a belt is a good one. I wear belts every day. This really does deserve further research and thought. Perhaps I can just make a north sense app for my Pebble Time.