I'm a maker by nature. I make whatever I need to improve my personal life, and I try to share my projects with others when time permits. I'm a supporter of the open source movement, and I always open source my projects. Sometimes I just release them into the public domain. Here are some projects I've made organized by where I uploaded them to the internet. This list is not exhaustive. Many projects have been lost to time or were just never documented, but that's ok. There is always something new to make.

Recent Projects (hosted here)
Luna Music Box
My Cyberdeck
SRSG - Simple Random Sentence Generator
LnR - L/R Pronunciation Practice
Fractal Anpanman
PS/2 Mini Keyboard
Pioneer PL-J2500 Standalone Ripping/Playback Mod (WIP)
Electric Scooter Repair and Customization

Projects Hosted Elsewhere

Electruzzles - build log

Electruzzles - electronic puzzle boxes
Bubble Butt - bubble bottle holder (stop spills)
"Free Multinet" brackets for free standing pole wall racks or something like that
CubeCopter Mk1 (small - medium sized quadcopter)
Bluetooth Stereo Receiver with 1/8" Stereo Output
Khet 1.0 Upgrade to 2.0
Teleporter Expansion for Khet 1.0 (Deflexion)
Gate of Aqebi Expansion for Khet 1.0

Simple DIY Dual Pulse Spot Welder With Arduino Controller and Screen (Microwave Transformer Based)

Custom Built Autolocking RFID Card Lock - Arduino Based

I did a lot of videos for Osaka Makerspace. You can see them all at the Osaka Makers channel. Here are a few of my favorites:
Rick and Morty Portal Gun Upgrade (uncut)
DIY Bench Power Supply DPS-5005 0-31V 5A
Husqvarna Viking 600E Embroidery Sewing Machine Replacement Pedal