Welcome to my little slice of the internet. I've hosted various personal websites here over the years, and I've decided to pare things back and simplify. I've almost always used some sort of PHP based software for WYSIWYGing my way through posts, but I find they are no longer a resonably viable means of sharing things to the internet.[1][2] In the last 5 years or so, I have spent far too much time and effort on thwarting hacking attempts to justify the continued use of basically anything that uses PHP/SQL. Considering my website was of little to no interest to anyone in the first place, you can perhaps imagine my frustration and understand my resulting redirection of my domains to the rickroll YouTube video for basically the entire year of 2018.

I initially posted photos and short thoughts here as a way of sharing my life with my family as I traveled. Social media now takes care of that, but I've realized that I'm not thrilled to give away my identity to a corporation for their monetization and enrichment. The perceived services have fallen behind their true values. We are being manipulated and spied upon while being told we're receiving something of worth.[3][4][5] I'm done with that.

I will be maintaining a minimalist approach, and everything will be coded in basic hand written HTML. I will attempt to make updates and discuss things that I enjoy or find important, but I haven't hammered out how much I want to engage the public with my private thoughts, so let's just see where it goes.